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This corporation in order to produce all kinds of soft and rigid PVC granules and compounds in various grades and varying utilities with the trademark of Sina Granule in the year of 1383 has been established.
This corporation was successful in producing and distributing all kinds of PVC compounds and the board of managers has decided to establish Sina Polymer Pars Industrial Company (co,ltd) in order to promote the commercial activities and their aims were to raise to exporting contents , researching in fields of chemistry and polymer and investment in producing specific PVC compounds and polymeric alloy.
Presently all the products of the company are made from high-quality raw matterials and are constantly supervised by the company's experts. They also have competitive prices. Besides, the company has been successful to raise its sales contents and to achieve customers' everlasting trust during its activity. This company was able to sell its products to internal market and also export to other countries. All this is but the beginning. We believe with the help of our hardworking personnels, we are able to continue to produce other related products and to step further forward in our attempt to progress and development.