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PVC granules for producing all kinds of wire and cable insulators:

1 - PVC granule and compound for producing insulators of wire and cable,this kind of granule has color vulnerability property , anti-static and high themal stability property, satisfactory and steady covering process on the insulation of wires and these properties can lead to producing a steady yield during extrusion process ,these granules are manufactured in various types ,colors and qualities according to custumers request.
2 - All kinds of PVC granules that is specific for producing the insulation of normal and high-voltage cables,this kind is reinforced against pressure ,the other properties of this granule are ;anti-static, Excelent fluidity,thermal stability ,foaming property with steady and smooth surface with high quality
3 - We manufacture the specific insulators according to special formulations with high quality and customers request

Other products : 
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