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PVC granules for producing footwear and shoe soles :
1 - All kinds of PVC granules specific for producing slippers and sandals with foaming property in various grades and in both transparent and filled by filler matterials (caco3)
2 - PVC granule that is specific for producing sneaker`s soles with satisfactory hardness and abrasion,this kind of product is manufactured in both transparent and filled compounds
3 - Special PVC compound that is used in producing stock shoe`s sole,this kind has high flexibility and is compatible with all floors, in various grades and quality.
4 - Special PVC granule used in producing classic shoe soles and sport one in various kinds and grades
5 - PVC granule filled by Calcium Carbonate (caco3) that is specific for producig all kinds of shoe soles(different precentages of filler matterials)

Other products : 
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